My Background


Alma has been in the housing industry for her entire professional career. Starting in property management, Alma gained an understanding of the rental housing industry. Then, moving into the marketing department for a remodeling firm, Alma learned her love for all things media. She's managed real estate and investment companies, worked for Coldwell Banker Realty, and trained and onboard hundreds of agents across the Denver Metro. She knows the CB systems like the back of her hand.

Alma became a licensed real estate agent in 2020 and hangs her license with Coldwell Banker in Boulder. Though she does not currently sell real estate, she uses that knowledge and experience to understand her clients better.

Her clients include Realtors®, restaurants, home builders, non-profits, artists, and environmental companies. All businesses are welcome from any location.


Alma is an artist, a lover, a writer, a designer, a student, an entrepreneur, and a Latina business owner. Her passion for the arts and everything digital has led her down a road of graphic design, photography, and web design.

Bilingual and multicultural, Alma was born in Juarez, Mexico, immigrated here at a young age, and was raised in Kansas City. She has called Colorado home for nearly a decade.

In her free time, Alma enjoys many interests, hobbies, and artistic endeavors. Opening up a pottery studio is one of them. She also cherishes the company of her counterpart, Ryan, her cat, Gordis, a few gardens, and multiple fish tanks.


Spanish, English